1-877-200-9002 x202 toll free (If x202 is full, please try x201)
Phone calls are welcome, but please note we do not have a receptionist on hand. We answer our own calls, and we are usually in production. Please allow a full business day for a return call back. 

Emails, on the other hand, are usually answered ASAP!
So emails are highly encouraged over calls!


How do I order and customize my order?

Simply add things to your shopping cart, then follow the check out procedure. You customize your order during check out. 


Is there an additional cost for providing my own logo?

There is NO additional cost for providing your own logo or font.


If I provide my own logo, can it be in full color? What format should it be in?

We accept full color logos at no extra cost. It should be a jpeg, tif, pdf or eps.
Images need to be 200 dpi or larger, or at least 3" x 3". We will shrink to fit.


Is there an additional charge for bleed designs?

Bleeds are designs that need to be printed all the way to the edge of the card or tag. There is an additional charge for this. The charge is determined by what you order. (Two examples are: $10 per 100 Fish Hook A earring cards and $10 per 500 tiny tags. It varies based on size of tags. Please email us before ordering for prices.)


How long will it take to get my order?

Regular orders take 3 weeks for processing. RUSH orders take 7-8 business days. PRIORITY orders take 2-3 business days.  These times do not include USPS shipping time. All orders shipped Priority Mail.


Can I see a proof before I order?

You can see YOUR NAME in all of our fonts paired with all of our graphic using this link:
Logo Preview Creator
But as far as seeing a proof of your name shown on the actual items you ordered, we will need an order placed first. Creating proofs for an order that has not been placed pushes back production of paid orders. There is no fear, though! We offer unlimited revisions! 


Where do I customize my tags?

Once you add things to the shopping cart, before you can pay you must click "customize order".
You will be redirected to a form where you will customize the order.


What weight is your cardstock? And can I get unlaminated cards?

All items are made with 65lb-110lb cardstock (depending on color) with 3mil lamination coating. We can leave the Kraft, White, Ivory, Black, and Brown cardstock unlaminated. We reinforce our unlaminated cards for a nice, thick, sturdy, professional card. Shimmery cardstock is also unlaminated and reinforced. Final true weight is hard to determine accurately.


Does it really take 3-4 weeks to get a Standard order? Do you ever ship early?

We sincerely apologize for our timeframes. But it is important to note that your tags are not massed produced! We print, laminate, and cut your items one page at a time. And while your order alone does not take 3 weeks to produce, you are probably in line behind several other orders. Think of it as going to the grocery store and every lane has a long line. Your order is only going to take 2 minutes, but you have to wait behind everyone else. Sometimes we are able to gently nudge you ahead, but we can not guarantee it. We do have RUSH and EXPRESS options that push you directly to the front of the line. You just have to pay a little more.


What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Since our products are customized, we are not able to refund or exchange completed items. If we made an error on your order, we will of course reprint them correctly and ship right away.

If you need to cancel an order, just email us within 1-2 days of ordering and we will refund right away. If we have provided proofs and you need to cancel, your refund will be less $7 per item ordered. This is to compensate for the proof work done on the order.  

If it has been more than 2 days and you need to cancel, your refund will be based on the work we have done. Usually about 40-50% can be refunded at this point. Items that are COMPLETE can not be refunded.

We can not refund if your tags did not arrive in time for your event if we shipped within the time frame ordered. You must take note of our production/shipping times. Since we do not mass produce our items, our time frame is longer than larger companies that force you to purchase in thousands of quantities. Our time frames are:

We SHIP in 7-8 busines days for RUSH ORDERS - allow up to 2 weeks to have in hand from date of order.

We ship in about 3 weeks for STANDARD ORDERS - allow up to 4 weeks to have in hand from date of order.

ALLOW 2 EXTRA WEEKS if you are international. 

We ship from Kansas, USA.


I have a business card from another printing company. Can I use that on my cards and tags?

If the logo is yours and you have it in digital format, we can use it. We can not scan business cards or other printed items. Many printing companies have a full line of graphics that they will print on your order. These are protected under their copyright and can not be used elsewhere. If you would like to use your logo on your website or other packaging, we offer a high res digital file package.

You may not copy our images, graphics and fonts, or even the actual cards and tags - either off of our website or from the items themselves.


Can I Trademark or Copyright a logo created by Dolphin Bead Designs?


A trademark must be completely unique to you and your brand, especially in your field. Our graphics and fonts are offered to anyone who orders from us, so they will not be unique to your brand. You can trademark your NAME, but not a logo. In order to trademark your name, you must research to make sure no one else in your field is using that name. For example, Dolphin Bead Designs IS a trademark because when we chose the name, we made sure no one else was using it. We do not use the TM symbol for the most part because it is not necessary. It is usually used to show that you have applied for a registered trademark. To have a REGISTERED TRADEMARK, legal paperwork must be filed with the Patent and Trademark office. Then you can legally use the circled R mark. But you do not have to be registered to protect your brand. You do not have to use the TM mark to claim ownership. But if you do decide to use it, it is up to YOU to know if anyone else might be using that same name. You do not want to look like you are infringing on their brand. Whoever uses it first gets dibs!


OK, on to Copyright. A copyright protects your original creations that are in tangible form, such as a painting, drawing, written or recorded song, written story or play, or a software program. A copyright does NOT protect a company name or identity. So even if your logo is 100% original and not used by anyone else, it is not protected by copyright. See trademark info above to see how to protect company names. If you want to protect an original piece of work, you do not have to be registered to have it protected. Copyright is assumed once it is written or drawn. You do not HAVE to add the copyright symbol to your work, because just its very existence protects it. But for peace of mind, it is perfectly legal to add the copyright symbol plus the year it was created. (If you are putting the copyright online, it is recommended to add the actual word "copyright" after the symbol. Not all browsers show the circled C since it is a special symbol.) 

Fun fact: The popular "Happy Birthday to You" song sung at every gathering with a cake and candles and someone gaining a year, is protected by copyright. Yup! Yes, yes, it is perfectly legal for you to sing it at your next birthday party. But it is protected from public performances. Yep, this is why you NEVER hear the standard little ditty when you go to Applebee's, Red Robin, or Joe's Crab Shack on your birthday. You will get a cute little "Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you. We wish it was our birthday so we can party too! Hey!" Or my personal favorite, "This is your birthday song. It isn't very long." Otherwise, royalties would have to be paid to the holder of the copyright.

Homework: Of course you already know that your books and music a have the copyright symbol on them. But look around your home for products that have logos on them. Your shampoo. Your milk. Your 10-ton box of laundry soap from the wholesale club. You will see many a TM and , but no ! 'Cause logos are not copyright protected!

Dolphin Bead Designs



You may not copy or reproduce images, graphics and fonts, or the actual cards and tags,
either off of our website or from the items themselves.